Safety, must always be the number one concern of all operators. Realizing this, BCI offers in-depth training courses for everyone in your staff, and even regulatory bodies who are responsible for the inspections of each site. The training courses BCI offers meets or exceeds CBA, NABA, BERSA, SANZ and Australian specifications. BCI is one of the few companies approved by the NABA and CBA to certify competency of operators trained in accordance with their respective safety codes.

The course is very comprehensive. By the end of it, you will have all the information needed to run your jump site safely, without further supervision, as well as all the information required to write your site operations manual. We typically bring in three of our jump masters to do the training and stay for 1 week. For the remainder of the course a single Jump Master remains to manage the operation, until it can be run without them, and the required number of jumps as per the applicable safety code is achieved.

A comprehensive bungee training course includes three general parts

  • Background and rescue training.

  • Specific bungee training.

  • Apprenticeship period.

The details of bungee training can be found below:

Bungee Training Course Summary:

Days 1, 2, 3 in class room. Days 4-7 hands on training.

General Summary

  • Course Purposes and Objectives

  • Fundamental Principles: Competency and Redundancy


  • Jump Deck

  • Rigging System and Component Parts

  • Additional Requirements for Elevating Jump Decks

  • Portable Hoisting Devices

  • Bungee Cords

  • Harnessing Procedures and Specifications

  • Rigging Equipment and Hardware: Carbineers, Slings/Webbing, Pulleys/Shackles, Ascenders, Descenders and Other Hardware, Scales and Retrieval Vessel

  • Equipment Inspection, Testing, Maintenance and Replacement

  • Bungee Cords

  • Harnesses

  • Hardware

  • Ropes, Cables and Webbing/Slings

  • Equipment Storage and Security

Site Conditions and Requirements

  • First Aid

  • Equipment

  • Provisions

  • Posted Signs

  • Storage Facilities

  • Jump Spaces and Safety Spaces

  • Safety Space

  • Jump Space

  • Bottom Jump Space

  • Top Jump Space

  • Jumper Landing Area

Management Procedures

  • Prerequisites for Participation

  • Operating Procedures

  • Personnel Requirements

  • Pre-Jump Procedure Order

  • Additional Testing Procedures for Elevating Jump Decks

  • Clothing

  • Personnel Communication

  • Safety Management and Emergencies

  • Weather Conditions and Work

  • Unsafe Weather

  • Work Periods

Jump Site Personnel

Site Personnel Qualifications

  • Jump Master

  • Jump Assistant

  • Retrieval Operator

  • Portable Hoist Operator

  • Vessel Operator

Crew Responsibilities

  • Jump Master

  • Jump Assistant

  • Retrieval Operator

  • Portable Hoist Operator

  • Vessel Operator