Choosing the location for a jump site is the single most important decision when starting a bungee jumping business. Our experts will help you answer the big questions to ensure your business is optimized for success.

1. Market Assessment. Can your market support and bungee jumping business?

2. Location Suitability. Is the location suitable for a bungee jumping structure? Is the location suitable topographically? Does it have the proper infrastructure? Is there enough space to perform the activity safely?

3. Structure Type and Design. What structure type is best suited in the specific site identified as ideal?

4. Operational Efficiency. What rigging and retrieval system is best suited for the structure chosen and the desired operating capacity? What operational model best suits the unique characteristics of the location chosen?

5. Risk Assessment. What are the risks at your current or potential location you have chosen? How are these risks best mitigated?

Most of these questions can be answered with a site visit. Site visits range in during from 1-3 days depending on the complexity of the assessment requested, number of activities being considered, and accessibility. Costs for a site visit will range from $2,500-6,500 plus travel expenses. Any consulting fees paid to BCI for your site visit are credited towards the costs of your project. Therefore if you project is started this initial investment is 100% recovered.