This division of BCI has been our fastest growing in recent years. Here you will find a mixed bag of bungee tricks. The Specialty Bungee Products division specializes in the custom design and manufacture of unique bungee products. In such, we act as a prototyping center for our clients who are experimenting with new ideas for uses involving bungee cords, springs, or rubber, and custom rigging. Customers using products and services in this division range from military, professional sports teams, recreational athletes, and circus performers. Samples of products in this category are elastic elements for rocket launchers; aircraft arrest systems, and variable resistance training systems for professional athletes.

Bungee Athletics  (Variable resistance Training)

BCI has developed several unique products suitable for Variable Resistance Training.  The most notable has been our VRT Hockey line of products. The VRT Hockey system is mainly used by the trainers of professional hockey teams, but it also suitable for amateurs in other organized sports such as soccer, athletics, or any other sports involving running or skating.  The system can also be used by individuals wishing to improve their fitness level. Check out our full line of products at

Military / Research

Rocket Launcher Simulators
The elastic elements designed for this purpose are used in the Jet Propulsion Labs to simulate larger versions on Rocket Launchers.  The elastic elements can be equipped with a variety of special features to suit the application, such as Load Limitors, Extension Limitors, Protective Covers, and a variety of end connections.  Also used in the unique competition of Pumpkin Launching where the object is to propel frozen pumpkins as far as possible.

Boat Mooring Cushions
The elastic elements are designed to minimize stress on the anchor points on boats and docking stations while watercraft are docked, by providing increasing linear resistance during oscillations caused by wind or waves.

Aircraft Landing Arrest Systems
The elastic elements designed for this purpose are used as part of an assembly which controls the smooth deceleration of aircraft landing on Aircraft carriers.

Aerostat Balloon Tethers
The design requirements of the cord were to minimize load and stress on the tether anchors and aerostat, as well as minimizing vibration, by providing a tether with elastic properties.

Support Cables for Specialized Equipment
Elastic elements have proven useful in circumstances where vibration dampening is required, such as hanging Seismic Activity Recording equipment.


BCI has prototyped unique products for applications in the medical industry. Provide us with a sample or a description of the application you need, and its specific characteristics and let us build your prototype.


BCI has custom designed harnesses and elastic elements for specialized acts, and performances. Customers include magicians, production companies such as Industrial Light and Magic, and circus companies such as Cirque du Soleil.

Apart from the custom designed elastic elements, there are two standard sizes of sheathed elastic; 3/8” (8mm) and ½” (12-13mm). The 3/8” cord provides a maximum resistance of ~30lbs at 300% elongation and the ½” (12-13mm) cord provides a maximum resistance of ~40lbs at ~200% elongation.